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珍藏系列 老式情歌音樂10CD


  • 產品內容:


    1. Unchained Melody 第六感生死戀2. A Time For Us 殉情記3. The Way We Were 往日情懷4. Love Me Tender /鐵血柔情5. Godfather 教父6. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head 虎豹小霸王 7. Tonight 西城故事8. Sunrise Sunset 屋頂上的提琴手9. Somewhere My Love 齊瓦哥醫生10. You Light Up My Life 你照亮我的生命11. To Sir With Love 吾愛吾師12. Three Coins In The Fountain 羅馬假期13.Fascination 黃昏之戀14. Sayonara 櫻花戀15. Auld Lang Syne 魂斷藍橋


    1. Yesterday Once More 昨日重現2. Rhythm Of The Rain 雨的旋律3. More Than I Can Say 愛你在心口難開4. I Can't Stop Loving You 一往情深5. Tell Laura I Love Her 告訴羅娜我愛她6. Besame Mucho 熱情香7.Quantanamera 關達娜美拉8. Oh!Carol 噢!卡露9. Diana 黛安娜10. Summer Wine 夏日美酒 11. Button And Bows 莫奔跑12. Donna Donna 多娜多娜13. Green Green Grass Of Home 碧草如茵的家園14. Love Is Blue 愛是憂鬱15. There's Kind Of Hush 愛的呼聲


    1. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree 老榆樹之戀2. Take Me Home Country Road 鄉村路伴我歸3. El Condor Pasa 老鷹之歌4. Knock Three Times 敲三下5. Rain And Tears 雨和淚6. Feeling 情感7. How Can I Tell Her 有口難言8. I Don't Like To Sleep Alone 孤枕難眠9. Morning Has Broken 破曉10. Heart Of Gold 金心11. Stay A While 停留一會兒12. Help Me Make It Through The Night 幫我度過長夜 13. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 我不能沒看到妳〔越戰獵鹿人〕14. Killing Me Softly With His Song 情歌傷我心15. Last Waltz 最後的華爾滋


    1. 500 Miles 離家500里2. Where Have All The Flowers Gone 花落誰家 3. Yesterday 昨日4. San Francisco 到舊金山別忘頭上插花5. And I Love You So 愛你情深6. Let It Be Me 但願是我7. A Place In The Sun 陽光普照8. Release Me 釋放我9. Love Me With All Your Heart 全心愛我10. He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother 他不重他是我兄弟 11. Just Walking In The Rain 雨中行12. Whispering Pine 松林的低語13. A White Shade Of Pale 蒼白的陰影14. Where Did All The Good Time Go 好時光何處去 15. Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye 吉米再見


    1. A Dear John Letter 給約翰的一封信2. Sealed With A Kiss 以吻封緘3. The End Of The World 世界末日4. I Really Don't Want To Know 過去的春夢5. Too Young 太年輕6. I Want To Your Wedding 我要參加你的婚禮7. Changing Partner 交換舞伴8. The Wedding 婚禮的祝福9. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow明天你還愛我嗎? 10. Sad Movie 悲劇電影11. As Tears Go By 春夢淚痕12. The House Of Rising Sun 日昇之屋13. Color Of Rainbow 彩虹曲14. Am I That Easy To Forget 我難以忘懷15. Kiss Me Goodbye 吻別


    1. Love Story 愛的故事2. The Sound Of Silence 畢業生主題曲3. Scarborough Fair/Canticle 畢業生插曲4. I Don't Know How To Love Him 萬世巨星5. Edelweiss 一朵小白花〔真善美〕6. Moon River 月河〔第凡內早餐〕7. The River Of No Return 大江東去8. Que Sera Sera 擒兇記9. My Way 奪標10. Casablanca 北非諜影主題曲11. As Time Goes By 北非諜影插曲12. The Rose 歌聲淚痕13. Evergreen〔A Star Is Born〕 星夢淚痕14. Do You Know Where You Going To? 紅木 15. The Blue Balloon 初戀的故事

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    1. Let It Be 讓它去2. Bridge Over Troubled Water 惡水上的大橋3. Top Of The World 世界之頂4. Without You 沒有你5. Always On My Mind 長駐我心6. 4:55 愛你一萬年7. Sailing 航行8. I Don't Want To Talk About It 我不願談他9. Woman In Love 戀愛中的女人10. When A Man Love A Woman 當男人愛上女人11. Sing 歡唱12. Close To You 靠近你13. For All We Know 我們都知道14. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 迷霧追魂 15. When Will I See You Again 何日再相逢


    1. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 你今宵寂寞嗎?2. Summer Kisses Winter Tears 多少柔情多少淚3. Tennessee Waltz 田納西華爾滋4. All I Have To Do Is Dream 沉醉在夢中5. All For The Love Of Girl 全心愛妳6. Today 今日7. More 更多8. The Bird And Bee 鳥與蜂9. The Great Pretender 虛偽者10. Only You 只有你11. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes 煙霧遮住你的眼12. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 你別說你愛我 13. Stranger In The Night 深夜的陌生人14. Stand By Me 站在我身邊15. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing電影"生死戀


    1. Say You Say Me 你儂我儂2. Endless Love 無盡的愛3. Don't Cry For Me Argentina 別為我哭泣阿根廷4. You Needed Me 你需要我5. You Are My World 妳是我的世界6. Dust In The Wind 風中之塵7. This Masquerade 化妝舞會8. Send In The Clowns 小丑進場9. Do That To Me One More Time 再愛我一次10. When The Child Is Born 當嬰兒誕生時11. Annie's Song 安妮之歌12. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 如何醫治破碎的心 13. Before The Next Teardrop Falls 落淚時分14. I Honestly Love You 真心愛妳15. Kiss And Say Goodbye 吻別


    1. One Way Ticket 單程車票2. Beautiful Sunday 美好星期天3. Paloma Blanca 白鴿4. Cotton Fields 棉花田5. Jambalaya〔On The Bayou〕 小癩痲6. Rose Rose I Love You 玫瑰玫瑰我愛你7. Banana Boat〔Day-O〕 香蕉船8. Sukiyaki 壽喜燒9. Oh Pretty Woman 噢漂亮的女人〔電影"麻雀變鳳凰"〕10. I Will Follow Him 我將追隨他〔電影"修女也瘋狂〕11. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini 比基尼泳裝12. La Bamba 拉邦芭13 Limbo Rock 凌波舞14 Wooden Heart 木隅之心15 Sugar Sugar 密糖

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